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Yoga & Meditation

Posted 12/10/2014

Yoga & Meditation really go hand-in-hand

If you don’t have the time to practice yoga, rather than skipping it completely, try to give yourself the gift of Meditation for even 3-5 minutes instead





Increases Immunity -  A study at the Ohio State University discovered that progressive muscular relaxation, with daily practice, reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence

Lowers Blood Pressure - In a study at Harvard Medical School, it was found that meditation lowered blood pressure & thus making the body less responsive to stress

More Calmness - Those who meditate are calmer as when a meditative mind witnesses an upsetting thought arising, it is just another thought, whereas in an ordinary mind who doesn’t meditate, the upsetting thought may likely start off a raging storms hormones, similar to the way that blood-lowering medication works

Increases Fertility - Research from the University of Western Australia found that women are much more likely to conceive when they are relaxed as opposed to being stressed

More Emotional Balance - With yoga & meditation, the mind & consciousness gets more cleansed of emotionally heavy memories & thus gets more balance





It doesn’t have to be 20 or 30 minutes, meditation can be done in just 3-5 minutes.  In a place of your choice, be it in your bed, sitting down on a beach or walking in nature


Start in Stages - Training your mental muscles takes time, just like training your physical muscles so start off with even 3 minutes of stillness & focus on the breath entering & leaving the nostrils


Return to the Breath - Notice how the thoughts keep arising & acknowledge them & try not to engage with them, instead keep returning your focus to the inhale & exhale through the nostrils


Be Patient - Like anything else new that we learn, the practice of meditation is a process & be patient & compassionate with yourself as you train your mind as it is completely normal for the mind to drift as thoughts arise.  Yoga & meditation is a process that is a great gift to yourself