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Yoga Holiday Retreat

Posted 18/1/2015

The Combination of Yoga and Music is Powerful


This 1-week yoga holiday from 17th - 24th May 2015 will look at the

celebration of Summer & new growth through Yoga and Music,

Breath-work, Meditation & Poetry




Music is a therapy which provides an uplift & release which undeniably helps

in the process of healing


Singer & song-writer, Audrey Fay from Grace Wilde will accompany

Antoinette from Zen Yoga as a guest musician to

The Algarve this May for a 1-week Yoga and Music Holiday




"Every so often, a band comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. Dublin based outfit Grace Wilde, who have been quietly making a name for themselves over the past few years, are one such band Blending a bewildering mix of jazz, soul, folk, pop and rock with a subtle Irish strain running through it, they’ve earned their stripes out on the road bringing their music – both originals and carefully-chosen covers to ever-increasing audiences It’s truly refreshing to hear a musical unit performing onstage naturally and organically, without resorting to gimmickry of any kind, especially in these days of studio manipulation"


Colm 0'Hare - (music journalist)



Spaces are limited to a maximum of 15 so get your name down if you would like to be a part of this special & magical week in The Algarve this May

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Yoga Holiday

Yoga & Meditation

Posted 12/10/2014

Yoga & Meditation really go hand-in-hand

If you don’t have the time to practice yoga, rather than skipping it completely, try to give yourself the gift of Meditation for even 3-5 minutes instead





Increases Immunity -  A study at the Ohio State University discovered that progressive muscular relaxation, with daily practice, reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence

Lowers Blood Pressure - In a study at Harvard Medical School, it was found that meditation lowered blood pressure & thus making the body less responsive to stress

More Calmness - Those who meditate are calmer as when a meditative mind witnesses an upsetting thought arising, it is just another thought, whereas in an ordinary mind who doesn’t meditate, the upsetting thought may likely start off a raging storms hormones, similar to the way that blood-lowering medication works

Increases Fertility - Research from the University of Western Australia found that women are much more likely to conceive when they are relaxed as opposed to being stressed

More Emotional Balance - With yoga & meditation, the mind & consciousness gets more cleansed of emotionally heavy memories & thus gets more balance





It doesn’t have to be 20 or 30 minutes, meditation can be done in just 3-5 minutes.  In a place of your choice, be it in your bed, sitting down on a beach or walking in nature


Start in Stages - Training your mental muscles takes time, just like training your physical muscles so start off with even 3 minutes of stillness & focus on the breath entering & leaving the nostrils


Return to the Breath - Notice how the thoughts keep arising & acknowledge them & try not to engage with them, instead keep returning your focus to the inhale & exhale through the nostrils


Be Patient - Like anything else new that we learn, the practice of meditation is a process & be patient & compassionate with yourself as you train your mind as it is completely normal for the mind to drift as thoughts arise.  Yoga & meditation is a process that is a great gift to yourself


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Sridaiva Yoga

Posted 17/9/2014

Sridaiva Yoga, a new type of Hatha Yoga, developed by John Friend & Desi Springer which was established in January 2013
"I was introduced to Sridaiva Yoga by Michael Ryan, a great yoga instructor, while enjoying a week of yoga & meditation at The Burren Yoga & Meditation Centre for the first week of August 2014.  While it felt strange to be bending the knees all the time & sticking out the bum, it made more sense as the week progressed.  It was certainly strengthening my lower back muscles as I had muscle pain there for the week & I felt stronger & more aligned in general.  I have taken Sridaiva into my own practice & have been adding little tasters here & there into my own classes"  Antoinette Yasuoka
As said by John Friend:
“In Sridaiva we form an optimal template of postural alignment in any pose by making a general bow-shape in the spine, a fullness of the inner body, and then creating a spring-loaded integration of all the muscles along the back body. Finally, by rooting and rising the two ends of the spine—the pelvis and the head—in this optimal bowed template, the spine gains both a maximum length and space between the vertebrae and a tensile strength. The Sridaiva alignment method is designed for maximum effectiveness in optimally aligning the spine, so its elegance is found in its simplicity”
Check out the below video which gives a visual guide to some of the Sridaiva Yoga postures:

Sridaiva Yoga is a 21st century body-mind postural method focusing on cultivating radiant health through a positive attitude expressed in an optimal bow-spring alignment

Sridaiva is an alternative movement and postural modality, which can be applied to yoga, dance, athletics, or to any dynamic posture — sitting, standing, and walking. Students of all ages, particularly over 40, can benefit the use of the bow-spring alignment to optimize their health

The bow-spring template describes the optimal neutral alignment for the human spine, which has a circumferential fullness in the thoracic, a deep curve in the lower back, and a uniform arch in the neck. In this undulating curved shape of the spine and torso, the entire back body is isometrically engaged into a loaded spring of connective tissue (myofascia). From the pads of the big toe all the way up to the sacrum, and from the fingertips all the way down to the sacrum, the bow-spring is loaded. Every posture and movement then becomes a dynamic expansion of the bow-spring in which the spine is actively decompressed and fully lengthened. The myofascia is concentrically toned around the core of the torso like a unified muscle suit



Using the bow-spring alignment of Sridaiva any age can create a balanced tonus throughout the body, which creates tensile strength, precise balance, and rooted lightness while using the least amount of physical energy. Sridaiva alignment optimizes performance, offers powerful therapeutic realignment for the lower back and hips, decreases joint and bone degeneration, bolsters the immune system, recalibrates the neuro-glandular system, and empowers the spirit of the student to cultivate a positive mindset

Sridaiva offers a life practice in which students take accountability for their own health and happiness through optimal posture and informed choice

Sridaiva is the newest, cutting-edge postural life practice that can be applied to yoga postures, dance, athletics, and particularly everyday postures and movements like sitting, standing, and walking

  • Every posture or movement aligns toward an optimal “bow-spring” template for the spine
  • The bow-spring template has a circumferential fullness in thoracic mid back, a deep curve in the lower back, and uniform arch in the neck which positions the body to have balanced muscular tone on all sides, particularly on the front back of the body providing full body tensile strength and precise balance
  • It requires us to access the muscles on the back  of our body, including the upward mounding of the Glutes
  • The realignment of the spine brings a sense of a rejuvenation; it bolsters the immune system; it recalibrates the glandular system; and it empowers the spirit towards a positive and authentic mindset
  • Releases stored emotion and patterns held within the body as the connective tissue remolds



Pregnancy Yoga South Dublin

Posted 3/9/2014


Zen Yoga Provides a Pregnancy Yoga South Dublin Class

- taught by Antoinette (mother of two)


Mothers-to-be looking for a Pregnancy Yoga Sandyford Class - look no further!


A pregnancy yoga class conveniently based in Sandyford in a comfortable and serene setting


Tailored 6-week course for easing out the typical aches, discomforts and pains

Train how to do the very important pelvic floor exercises weekly to take into your daily life

Gives mothers-to-be an opportunity to chat with other expectant mothers & share experiences of the ups & downs of pregnancy

Gentle poses which accommodate the weekly changes and growth in the baby

Devotes time throughout the course to 'breathing for labour' practice - preparing the body & mind for the journey of the birth






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