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Yoga Holiday

Posted 23/11/2014

A Yoga Holiday can be just the thing to rejuvenate & re-set your batteries.  They can be transformative experiences & anyone who enjoys a lifestyle of health & wellness can really benefit from them.  There are many reasons to go on a Yoga Holiday, a few of those are as follows:
It will help take your yoga to the next level
With our modern busy lifestyles, getting around to practicing yoga regularly can be very challenging.  However, when on a Yoga Holiday, there are generally two classes daily which will help you progress much more & take your yoga to the next level 


You will de-stress & relax
Often times, we need to be away from home in order to give ourselves permission to properly relax.  Being away from the norm in a beautiful location allows & gives you time to listen to your body & to rest & relax when you need it, and be free from stress & technology
You will meet new people
You will meet like-minded people & even if you travel alone (which many do), you will have an opportunity to make friends with new people from around the world who could become friends for life
Because you totally deserve it!
YES!!  You deserve a break.  With all the hard work that you do, you deserve a proper holiday that will truly rejuvenate & refresh you.  The key to happiness is deciding what you really want & just going for it & making it happen!
You deserve to invest in yourself
Zen Yoga's Yoga Holiday Retreat to Quinta Da Calma in The Algarve in Portugal is coming up in May 2015!!
Yes!  And it would be fantastic if you could join for this all-inclusive 7-day yoga retreat
This retreat is specifically designed to help you experience relaxation & rejuvenation.  With twice daily yoga for all levels, live music (the amazing musician Audrey Fay from Grace Wilde is joining!!), cultural excursions, delicious meals and plenty of time to relax, this Yoga Holiday retreat will be magic...